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Aquaman Complete Movie Reviews

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse keeper who lived always in a good mood and happy with his puppy in his beautiful house of field. One night, a strong storm threw a woman against the cliffs and the brave guardian of the lighthouse came to her rescue. The woman introduces herself as the Queen of Atlantis. They fall in love, they father a child, and that’s where the problems begin. The sea demands the maid back. The child, however, grows up to become a hero who enjoys drinking beer.

James Wan is known primarily as the creator of the Saw franchise, but also as director of Insidious and The Conjuring, strong franchises in the horror genre and that have made James Wan a specialist in it. Having the option to film The Flash or Aquaman, Wan chose Aquaman, who was born as a cartoon character. It appeared for the first time in November 1941 in “More Fun Comics”, a Movie Counter series of anthologies of the DC publishing house, and since then it has been part of the arsenal of figures. It’s no wonder that Aquaman, after appearances in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”, already has his own movie. It seems that the DC universe works best when it focuses on individual characters instead of teams. In addition to “Man of Steel” and “Wonder Woman,” “Aquaman” is now one of the clearest films in the universe. Like those already mentioned, this tape is largely independent. The events of the Justice League, in which Jason Momoa made his debut, are addressed in a single sentence and that would be the only reference. Warner Bros has finally realized that he must build the characters and their respective worlds correctly before putting them together.

Jason Momoa does not have a visual similarity to the comic and blond character of the cartoons, but given his reputation in pop culture, it was a good idea to get away from the stereotype. The character is still not interesting or captivating, but I do not think that is the north of the franchise. What Momoa brings is a great charisma and a tremendous physical presence. In view, probably, not a few women will be weak. We see the dazzling Amber Heard, whose red hair emphasizes her vivacious temperament, like Mera. Mera is much more than a partner or potential love interest for Aquaman. He is more intelligent and prudent than he, and the Heard-Momoa duo often steals the best moments on the screen. Nicole Kidman fulfills her role with grace and wisdom, while Temuera Morrison as Arthur’s father has good chemistry with Momoa. It’s very nice to see Dolph Lundgren suddenly in a blockbuster.

But the real star of Aquaman is its director. Wan had a budget of $ 200 million available and you can see every penny on the screen. Although the story lacks originality, it is offset by the overwhelming ingenuity of Wan’s images, which sometimes resemble Avatar or Star Wars. His experience as a director of terror also manifests itself in a sequence in which Arthur and Mera must defend themselves against a swarm of fearsome sea monsters as they descend to the depths of the ocean. Maybe the best movie sequence. That said, the universe created from visual effects that represent the ocean floor as an ultra-colorful universe works quite well. The side full of oceans too, as well as the game about sounds, although everything has little to do with superheroes. For a few moments, one can almost assume that the original story of Arthur Curry addresses current problems such as environmental pollution, but these are almost superfluous. Even with personal dilemmas, the film stops and does not even touch with these possibilities. Although he assumes that humor relieves serious moments, it is sometimes interspersed at the most unfavorable moment and the narrative uses nonsense travel tricks. For this, the filmmaker James Wan suggests that in this universe there is more to discover in the core of the Earth than we have already known in other science fiction stories. In the same way, the film forces situations to try to be ingenious, epic and explicitly mystical.

However, Aquaman assumes the absurd antithesis of history and presents a colorful and wild roller coaster instead of a harsh and harsh comic story, which is never taken seriously. In the end, the popcornflix film is entertaining and refreshing, and the best movie in the new DC Comics universe after Man of Steel (it’s my favorite). Just do not think too much. Both character of movie having strong features which affect the movie. Male character fills with sex appeal and female character look like an aqua-woman. Amber Heard plays Mera, princess of Xebel. With her Hawaiian Punch-red hair and mermaid-green bodysuit, she looks like some kind of cosplay Ariel but proves to be the more resourceful of the two Atlanteans: It is Mera who rescues Aquaman from several tight squeezes, and when it comes time to find the movie’s central MacGuffin — the lost Trident of Atlan — she’s the first to jump out of a plane without a chute. It is no longer a mystery to anyone that in the terms of super heroism, the house Marvel/ Disney is now the law. The studio Warner, representative of the competitor DC Comics (Batman), tries with some delay to develop this famous “extended universe” to other characters, to which Disney has gotten with the success, sometimes deserved, that we know. The case ultimately develops cahin caha, with more failures (Justice League, 2017) than success (Wonder Woman, 2017).

The choice of Aquaman, only on paper, left nothing new to say well. Born in 1941, this toothpaste hero rose by dolphins and named Arthur Curry, is master of an aquatic kingdom, telepathic in his hours, naturally amphibian, holder of a trident bequeathed to him by Poseidon. That makes you dream, at least smile. Aquaman is, in a nutshell, a bodily reshaped in an aqueous medium of the Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Taika Waititi, which was already a dirty parody of itself. This Brechtian turn of super heroism, by being so lazily employed, becomes tedious. It may be necessary to see to revise the formula before one arrives at the stage of the Feet Nickelés.