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ForceMajeurForce Majeure describe the decomposed relish using a small incident a normal Swedish family. But first things first. Tomas and Ebba are a normal married couple from Sweden. Together with their two children, Vera and Harry have a short holiday to a French winter sports indulged in a much needed quality time for the family, as Tomas spends way too much time at work and even on vacation again and again, its connection to the outside world. That would perhaps be no problem and is determined in many families, but then happens on the second day of the holiday something unexpected that brings the dilemma in a nutshell. When the family settles down for lunch on the terrace of a ski lodge, is near an avalanche controls placed on care a spectacle that turns within a few seconds in a seemingly dangerous situation, because the avalanche becomes larger and larger and hurtling straight toward the terrace of the restaurant and there the initial fascination turned to the natural spectacle in naked panic. Tomas reacts instinctively in those seconds. Download Force Majeure 2014 Movie for free without any cost. Download new release movies free with high quality prints.

Instead of worrying about his wife and children, he grabs his cell phone and leaves his family for a brief moment in the lurch. Although the avalanche comes in front of the terrace to a standstill, but the near-disaster Elba’s confidence in her husband deeply shaken – they just can not forget that he has just left her and the children in the face of death in the lurch. Again and again she must speak of those seconds. This constant confrontation with his guilt, which he loaded in a single unguarded moment to be set in Tomas mechanics in a way, the devastating effect on the family. How people behave in extreme situations? And how does this instinctive behavior especially if it was not within the meaning of morally correct wrong to them and their fellow human beings? From this very simple, but at the same time deeply philosophical question out of the Swedish director Ruben Östlund developed a fascinating study of family structures and the behavior in extreme situations.