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CampxrayThe young Amy Cole wants to escape the small town life and writes ado one in the military. After her training, she hopes to serve their service in Iraq, but is sent to Cuba in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. The imprisoned there men who are deprived of their human rights, sometimes living for eight years at this location. Cole increasingly plaguing moral remorse because of the unjust treatment and torture of inmates. As a result, she befriends the prisoner Ali Amir that for which they developed empathy and compassion. As best they can, Cole tries to do their duty for their country, but also the advances of her boss Corporal Randy and the clear hatred of some of their comrades must defend himself. Kristen Stewart, the young actress known to the general public for the blockbuster Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman, has turned into a soldier. A dramatic film with a political background who wants to denounce the unacceptable behavior of some members of the American army in prison Guantanomo Bay between torture and repression. Download Camp X Ray 2014 Movie for free without any cost. Download recent movies online with high quality prints.


The Stewart as here the role of an ordinary girl who, bored by life in the deep province of the States, he decided to enlist. A gesture risky, especially in relation to the fact that the naive girl is sent just in one of the most controversial and notorious in recent years. There, the girl will eventually forge a bond strong and dangerous with a prisoner locked up for 8 years. Director of Camp X-Ray are Peter Sattler, known graphic designer and screenwriter here to debut behind the camera. Produced by Gina Kwon and Sophia Lin with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, David Gordon Green and Lindsay Williams, the film starring male Peyman Moaadi, the Iranian actor that the world has learned about thanks to the masterpiece A Separation , a film that has won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film two years ago. Ali will play the dangerous prisoner with whom he will relate the character of Stewart.