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oujaIn the horror film Ouija contact a few young adults entitled imaging board game an evil spirit and then have difficulties, the door they have opened, closed again. One moment Debbie alive, now she’s dead – the victim of a strange house accident or suicide? The unexpected death leaves Debbie’s best friend Elaine. Debbie lacks not only appalling, Elaine wants certainty about Debbie’s fate. Therefore, they want to record using a Ouijas, a so-called soul Schreiber, contact with the dead. First of her sister Sarah and friend Pete derided their attitude changes to this spiritualist shenanigans, as it not only has the appearance that there is more beyond heaven and earth, than they would like. Because Debbie was the victim of an evil spirit who has received power of evocation through the Ouija entry into the world of the living. Download Ouija 2014 Full Movie for free without any membership. Download new release movies free without fill any form.

Elaine and her friends have to carry the spirit before he did wipe them out. After Battleship is the second Ouija board game from Hasbro, which found its way to the canvas and was distributed by Universal Pictures. Already in 2008, announced the production company of Michael Bay , Platinum Dunes, that she wanted to make a film of the board game Ouija. With the franchise start of Transformers Bay had indeed collected already first experiences with the film adaptation of Hasbro articles. First, a plurality of directors as was Pierre Morel and Sylvain White in the week before with McG seemed to agree. Finally, the producer, which also gave Jason Blum heard the screenwriters Stiles White ‘s trust and helped him so for directorial debut.