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Top 5 Best Movies Based On True Stories

All like to watch latest movies, but it should be something based on genuine stories. True tales are more interesting to watch than 123netflix movies without any story or true story. Every year, new movie releases but not all are with true script. Let us take a look on one of the top five Hollywood movies with contains true stories.

Into the Wild: A true story picture concerning one man’s spiritual adventure through nature, Into the Wild reflects the numerous conflicts and issues that hassle those uneasy with a materialistic life. It was co-produced by Sean Penn with a full crew performing stunningly in the movie to hit the theater worldwide.


300: It was released in the year 2006 by taking the authentic story of the Spartan King male monarch and his three hundred men who battled the Persians at the War of Thermopylae that befell between Greece and Persia in 480BC. The King was Gerard Butler and the queen was Lena Headey and the film combines beautiful visuals with nice acting and makes history return to life.


The Imitation Game: This move was announced in 2014 as a compelling movie, gazing the genius Benedict Cumber batch as the main performer, tells the story of scientist Alan Turing who tries to crack the enigma code that the Nazis ought to give security for their radio messages throughout WWII. He can able to solve both the mathematical and social difficulties.


Midnight Express: It is the true story of Billy Hayes, a college student of America who is caught smuggling drugs out of Turkey and he was thrown into jail. The film’s title is jail slang for a convict’s escape attempt that is what tried by Billy but fails and viciously overwhelmed by the guards. One among the foremost known elements of the film is its song that won the award for Best Original Score in 1979.

midnight express taxi driver - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Titanic: This movie is the story of true lovers Jack and Rose as the leading characters released in the year 1997 as the story takes that they were true lovers who just get separated in the climax when the Titanic ship sinks in the ocean and the same story was narrated by old woman, Rose to their grandchildren. This movie added its own imaginary components of historical events.


Movies supporting real-life events might technically be thought-about yet one more class of “recycled” content, once placed within the hands of the proper director and actors the reality is often way more compelling than fiction. That is one account on why a number of the foremost powerful films announced in recent years like above mentioned are based on real events.

Whenever Afdah movie makers get their hands on a story supporting true events, the chances are they will stumble into the tilt with the liberties that they soak up the name of creative expression. These are less recent examples that have proved the value of your time to face up well as far as a viewing experience is concerned, but if you want to explore fully, then you must continue on watching the entire movie.