Avatar : The Way of Water 2022

Title: Avatar : The Way of Water 2022
Director: James Cameron
Writers: James Cameron,Rick Jaffa,Amanda Silver
Stars: Sam Worthington,Zoe Saldana,Sigourney Weaver
There have been ten years after the events of the first Avatar film. Jake Sully is the Omaticaya clan’s chief and the father of Neytiri’s offspring. The couple has a daughter named Tuk as well as two sons named Lo’ak and Neteyam. Dr. Augustine’s Avatar was used to conceive Kira, their adopted daughter. Teenager Spider, who was abandoned in Hell’s Gate after the majority of mankind had left, has been adopted by the Sully family. However, their lives have once more been upended since humans have returned to plunder the oceans for the whale-like beasts known as tulkans. A party of Recombinants commanded by Quaritch are looking for Jake, so the Sullys are forced to leave the Omaticaya and seek refuge in the Metkayina clan.
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