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Aquaman Complete Movie Reviews

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse keeper who lived always in a good mood and happy with his puppy in his beautiful house of field. One night, a strong storm threw a woman against the cliffs and the brave guardian of the lighthouse came to her rescue. The woman introduces herself as the Queen of Atlantis. They fall in love, they father a child, and that’s where the problems begin. The sea demands the maid back. The child, however, grows up to become a hero who enjoys drinking beer.

James Wan is known primarily as the creator of the Saw franchise, but also as director of Insidious and The Conjuring, strong franchises in the horror genre and that have made James Wan a specialist in it. Having the option to film The Flash or Aquaman, Wan chose Aquaman, who was born as a cartoon character. It appeared for the first time in November 1941 in “More Fun Comics”, a Movie Counter series of anthologies of the DC publishing house, and since then it has been part of the arsenal of figures. It’s no wonder that Aquaman, after appearances in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”, already has his own movie. It seems that the DC universe works best when it focuses on individual characters instead of teams. In addition to “Man of Steel” and “Wonder Woman,” “Aquaman” is now one of the clearest films in the universe. Like those already mentioned, this tape is largely independent. The events of the Justice League, in which Jason Momoa made his debut, are addressed in a single sentence and that would be the only reference. Warner Bros has finally realized that he must build the characters and their respective worlds correctly before putting them together.

Jason Momoa does not have a visual similarity to the comic and blond character of the cartoons, but given his reputation in pop culture, it was a good idea to get away from the stereotype. The character is still not interesting or captivating, but I do not think that is the north of the franchise. What Momoa brings is a great charisma and a tremendous physical presence. In view, probably, not a few women will be weak. We see the dazzling Amber Heard, whose red hair emphasizes her vivacious temperament, like Mera. Mera is much more than a partner or potential love interest for Aquaman. He is more intelligent and prudent than he, and the Heard-Momoa duo often steals the best moments on the screen. Nicole Kidman fulfills her role with grace and wisdom, while Temuera Morrison as Arthur’s father has good chemistry with Momoa. It’s very nice to see Dolph Lundgren suddenly in a blockbuster.

But the real star of Aquaman is its director. Wan had a budget of $ 200 million available and you can see every penny on the screen. Although the story lacks originality, it is offset by the overwhelming ingenuity of Wan’s images, which sometimes resemble Avatar or Star Wars. His experience as a director of terror also manifests itself in a sequence in which Arthur and Mera must defend themselves against a swarm of fearsome sea monsters as they descend to the depths of the ocean. Maybe the best movie sequence. That said, the universe created from visual effects that represent the ocean floor as an ultra-colorful universe works quite well. The side full of oceans too, as well as the game about sounds, although everything has little to do with superheroes. For a few moments, one can almost assume that the original story of Arthur Curry addresses current problems such as environmental pollution, but these are almost superfluous. Even with personal dilemmas, the film stops and does not even touch with these possibilities. Although he assumes that humor relieves serious moments, it is sometimes interspersed at the most unfavorable moment and the narrative uses nonsense travel tricks. For this, the filmmaker James Wan suggests that in this universe there is more to discover in the core of the Earth than we have already known in other science fiction stories. In the same way, the film forces situations to try to be ingenious, epic and explicitly mystical.

However, Aquaman assumes the absurd antithesis of history and presents a colorful and wild roller coaster instead of a harsh and harsh comic story, which is never taken seriously. In the end, the popcornflix film is entertaining and refreshing, and the best movie in the new DC Comics universe after Man of Steel (it’s my favorite). Just do not think too much. Both character of movie having strong features which affect the movie. Male character fills with sex appeal and female character look like an aqua-woman. Amber Heard plays Mera, princess of Xebel. With her Hawaiian Punch-red hair and mermaid-green bodysuit, she looks like some kind of cosplay Ariel but proves to be the more resourceful of the two Atlanteans: It is Mera who rescues Aquaman from several tight squeezes, and when it comes time to find the movie’s central MacGuffin — the lost Trident of Atlan — she’s the first to jump out of a plane without a chute. It is no longer a mystery to anyone that in the terms of super heroism, the house Marvel/ Disney is now the law. The studio Warner, representative of the competitor DC Comics (Batman), tries with some delay to develop this famous “extended universe” to other characters, to which Disney has gotten with the success, sometimes deserved, that we know. The case ultimately develops cahin caha, with more failures (Justice League, 2017) than success (Wonder Woman, 2017).

The choice of Aquaman, only on paper, left nothing new to say well. Born in 1941, this toothpaste hero rose by dolphins and named Arthur Curry, is master of an aquatic kingdom, telepathic in his hours, naturally amphibian, holder of a trident bequeathed to him by Poseidon. That makes you dream, at least smile. Aquaman is, in a nutshell, a bodily reshaped in an aqueous medium of the Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Taika Waititi, which was already a dirty parody of itself. This Brechtian turn of super heroism, by being so lazily employed, becomes tedious. It may be necessary to see to revise the formula before one arrives at the stage of the Feet Nickelés.

Top 5 Best Movies Based On True Stories

All like to watch latest movies, but it should be something based on genuine stories. True tales are more interesting to watch than 123netflix movies without any story or true story. Every year, new movie releases but not all are with true script. Let us take a look on one of the top five Hollywood movies with contains true stories.

Into the Wild: A true story picture concerning one man’s spiritual adventure through nature, Into the Wild reflects the numerous conflicts and issues that hassle those uneasy with a materialistic life. It was co-produced by Sean Penn with a full crew performing stunningly in the movie to hit the theater worldwide.


300: It was released in the year 2006 by taking the authentic story of the Spartan King male monarch and his three hundred men who battled the Persians at the War of Thermopylae that befell between Greece and Persia in 480BC. The King was Gerard Butler and the queen was Lena Headey and the film combines beautiful visuals with nice acting and makes history return to life.


The Imitation Game: This move was announced in 2014 as a compelling movie, gazing the genius Benedict Cumber batch as the main performer, tells the story of scientist Alan Turing who tries to crack the enigma code that the Nazis ought to give security for their radio messages throughout WWII. He can able to solve both the mathematical and social difficulties.


Midnight Express: It is the true story of Billy Hayes, a college student of America who is caught smuggling drugs out of Turkey and he was thrown into jail. The film’s title is jail slang for a convict’s escape attempt that is what tried by Billy but fails and viciously overwhelmed by the guards. One among the foremost known elements of the film is its song that won the award for Best Original Score in 1979.

midnight express taxi driver - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Titanic: This movie is the story of true lovers Jack and Rose as the leading characters released in the year 1997 as the story takes that they were true lovers who just get separated in the climax when the Titanic ship sinks in the ocean and the same story was narrated by old woman, Rose to their grandchildren. This movie added its own imaginary components of historical events.


Movies supporting real-life events might technically be thought-about yet one more class of “recycled” content, once placed within the hands of the proper director and actors the reality is often way more compelling than fiction. That is one account on why a number of the foremost powerful films announced in recent years like above mentioned are based on real events.

Whenever Afdah movie makers get their hands on a story supporting true events, the chances are they will stumble into the tilt with the liberties that they soak up the name of creative expression. These are less recent examples that have proved the value of your time to face up well as far as a viewing experience is concerned, but if you want to explore fully, then you must continue on watching the entire movie.

Ten things you did not know about the Golden Globes



Founded in 1944, during the first 14 years these awards were given by journalists who belonged to the Association of Foreign Correspondents of Hollywood, a forerunner of the HFPA. At the  watchmovies123 ceremony in 1958, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr took the stage as improvised presenters and stole the show, so they were invited to be official hosts the following year.From 1958 to 1963, the Golden Globes were only broadcast in Los Angeles. They became nationals in 1964 .

2.The awards


Unlike the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscar awards, the HPFA does not award technical prizes , only recognizing the work of actors, directors, producers and writers.

3.Winners of the Golden Globes


Meryl Streep has the most nominations; The number 31 takes place this year for the thriller about the Pentagon Papers The Post . The actress has won eight times, one less than the record holder, Barbra Streisand , including non-competitive trophies. Jamie Foxx and Helen Mirren jointly hold the record for the most nominations in a year, with three. The youngest winner remains Ricky Schroder , who was nine years old when he received the statuette for his role in The Champion , while the oldest was Jessica Tandy , who was 80 when she became the best actress for Driving Miss Daisy .

4.And an “almost” pair of losers

Renee Zellweger was in the bathroom when they announced her best actress award for Chasing Betty , in 2001, and left a puzzled Hugh Grant asking her fellow students about his whereabouts. With a red face, the star appeared at the last minute to receive her prize, joking that she had been cleaning lipstick from his teeth.

She was not even the first to make that mistake: Christine Lahti was caught red-handed in the toilet three years earlier, when Michael J. Fox announced that she had won as best actress for Chicago Hope .

5.The “big five”

Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest was the first movie to win all the categories of the “Big Five” -better movie, actor, actress, director and script- as part of a six-win tour in 1975. It was the only movie with That record, until La La Land was made with the main categories as part of a clean sweep of seven trophies last year. Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1967) and The Godfather III (1991) each received seven nominations, but lost in all categories and went home empty-handed.


The Cecil B. DeMille Award for the career was delivered for the first time in 1952 to … Cecil B. DeMille . The following winners have included Walt Disney, Judy Garland, Sidney Poitier and Jodie Foster .

7.Objectors and angry

Marlon Brando refused to accept his Golden Globe for The Godfather in 1973, in protest against the Vietnam War. Two months later, he rejected an Oscar for the mistreatment of Native Americans in the film industry. The producers of Z refused to receive their prize for best non-English-speaking film in 1970 because they were angry about being out of the prestigious Best Picture category.

8.The coveted trophy

The 24-carat gold statuette of the Golden Globes has a production cost of about $ 800 and measures 27.3 centimeters high and almost 9 wide, weighing 2.5kg. After 2008, it was renovated, and a personalized marble presentation box was added.

9.The hosts

The show this year was driven by Seth Meyers , the show’s successful evening program of NBC, who promised the usual share of political humor, although it has already predicted that much of its opening will be devoted to the scandal of sexual misconduct from Hollywood. Previous hosts have included Ricky Gervais (2010-12, 2016), Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (2013-15) and J immy Fallon (2017).

10.The menu

Before dinner, guests can enjoy cocktails such as Moët Imperial champagne, tequila or red orange juice with a hint of honey, according to Variety magazine and all latest movies. The dinner will include a salad of burrata cheese, escarole and relic tomatoes, before the main course: snook. The dessert is a crunchy base of Italian hazelnuts under a coffee biscuit and tiramisu, all soaked in chocolate and topped with a chocolate balloon filled with sea salt caramels.

Why is this movie so important that we do not forget about AIDS?

‘120 beats per minute‘, by Robin Campillo, is a political work, which also contains a painful and delicate love story.


Paris, early nineties, they danced to the rhythm of Jimmy Somerville while François Mitterrand presided over the Republic. The AIDS epidemic was already a terrible reality that was ravaging not only the gay community, but little by little it was being introduced in all spheres of society. But the Government continued to turn its back on it, the pharmaceutical companies were not cooperative in the face of the advances that were taking place in the scientific field and there were still many prejudices towards the sick who were marked and stigmatized in a society that needed to urgently take conscience. The AIDS was not just for gays, prostitutes and immigrants, as I wanted to suggest the most reactionary sector of the population. It had become a public health issue. And you had to take sides urgently. Watch complete online movie streaming wihtout any registration.

This is how the militant association Act Up emerged in the late 1980s . Its mission was to fight from different fronts to call attention to the dangers of the disease, among them, that the State create preventive measures against AIDS, as well as denouncing marginalization to which was subjected to the homosexual collective, that of prostitutes or immigrants by society and false bourgeois morality.

They were always clear that the only possible way to be heard was the most indomitable activism and provocation. It was not time to sit alone to debate, you had to go out and take action that had an impact not only media, but also social. That is why its field of action ranged from pressure to pharmaceutical companies to the attempt to introduce a sex education plan into schools . Passing, of course, by the essential street demonstrations to claim a series of rights that until then were silenced.

At that time a young Robin Campillo joined Act Up-Paris. He could not remain indifferent about what was happening around him. I needed information, to really know what was happening, to take sides and join the cause. It was a very scary moment. As he himself has stated, the feeling in the environment was that everyone was going to die, that everyone would become infected, that no one would escape the pandemic. That’s why the union was so important.

That spirit at the same time of guerrilla and community, of struggle and camaraderie is present at 120 beats per minute. The film in which the director pours all his youthful experiences not only to narrate from a past point of view how important were the beginnings of the fight against AIDS but to certify that this battle has not yet ended and that all the demands of yesteryear, they are still necessary in the present.

120 beats per minute is a political movie. It also contains a painful and very delicate love story. And precisely the film moves around these two spheres, between the public and the private. On the one hand, we find the debates where the militants of the association meet. In them, each of the actions that they will put into practice is discussed as an assembly. Some members are impetuous, more revolutionary, others prefer dialogue. But in each of the sessions that Robin Campillo films, the impetuous delivery of all the participants united by a common cause is perceived.


It may be that many viewers are reminded of the way Robin Campillo has filmed these moments, very close to the documentary style practiced by Laurent Cantet in another work of social and human content as important as La clase (2008), winner of the Palma de Gold of Cannes. It is not casual. Robin Campillo was the scriptwriter of that movie. Of that and of all the works of Cantet from which it continues being its masterpiece the employment of the time (2001).

Perhaps for that reason he approaches the group scenes with that precision, as if his camera was hidden and limited to transparently recording what happens, while capturing every little detail of that human group that moves organically before our eyes.

But in addition to showing all those characters in their committed facet, we also follow in the footsteps of a young man, Sean, who has been HIV-positive for more than ten years after being infected by his math teacher in his first sexual relationship. Sean is our vehicle in the narrative. And through him, from the eyes of that fantastic actor that is the Argentinean Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, we get into the anger, the frustration and pain that the disease implies, but it also infects us with his spirit, with his energy, with his desire to eat his life every second. His strength and also his fragility permeate everything. And it is exciting the way so extremely modest, away from all exhibitionist zeal, with which Campillo introduces us into his privacy, in his most private plot, not only when we see him make love and he gives himself to his lover, but when he opens us his heart and we accede to his fears, to his most recondite areas, to his experiences and to his past.

There is a constant drive between life and death throughout the entire film. The characters are aware that each moment can be the last and should take full advantage of it. That’s why they dance in the clubs, in the ride of the Pride. They laugh, they kiss. Time is precious and precious. Sometimes in the movie that time seems to move very slowly. On other occasions, it practically stops. But in the end, everything develops too fast.

First-person stories

There have been many films that have revolved around AIDS. Although it had been a while since one approached it in such a didactic and necessary way. Precisely during the moment in which the action takes place, beginning of the nineties, the stories that revolved around the disease began to proliferate. Many of them were inscribed within the queer cinema and continue to be iconic, as in the case of Poison by Todd Haynes. And within the French cinema itself it is still difficult to overcome the stark and disturbing levels of Wild Nights,who directed and starred Cyrill Collard about his own memories before passing away. In them he spoke of his illness, but also of his irresponsibility when transmitting to his lovers the virus for not using protection knowing that he was a carrier.

It was the year 1993. The same year in which Carla Simón’s latest movies film takes place that has become the revelation of the season in our cinema. It is another work of an experiential nature. In it the director pours the memories that she has of her childhood, when her mother died of AIDS and she had to adapt to a life in which outside her family she was treated with a certain fear. Both 120 beats per minute and Wild Nights or Summer 1993 are told almost in first person. Maybe it’s the only way to approach an issue that can be addressed through allegory, as Haynes well demonstrated , but that acquires real meaning when it is done through the most intimate life experience, both physical and emotional.

Tomb Raider: Strong Woman Looks For Scenario

More than fifteen years ago, the cinema was already trying to capture the figure of Lara Croft. Roar Uthaug is retaking his chance today. With a little more success?

Lara Croft is undoubtedly one of the most famous figures of the video game. The film producers have thus very early on seen a bait of choice for a young and numerous public. Although they were rather profitable, the opus starring Angelina Jolie will not have scored fans of the saga, or moviegoers.


Skilfully rebuffed by Square Enix, the game itself began its moult in 2013, presenting a more natural and significantly less sexualized heroine. A salutary change that has not gone unnoticed at a time when women ‘s empowerment occupies the media scene.

While remaining entertaining, this new feature film had to convey a renewed image of the British adventurer. Uthaug therefore focused on the new virtual version of the young woman to deliver a frankly convincing copy. The choice of Alicia Vikander, who was not expected on this kind of project, is wise. Less fleshy than his predecessor, his physical abilities and his tone are better suited to the vision less manusculine worn by the game.


As in the latter, the director staged a resourceful woman, facetious, but mostly treated without care. Falls, blows, open wounds, the actress is not more mature than a man. We also feel that the production wanted to smooth as much as possible the questions related to its femininity. Square Enix had shown a little more audacity on that side.

If mimicry with the game helps to restore the image of his heroine, it has the effect of sanitizing a scenario already hungry. What may be pleasant to play is not necessarily to watch.

The staging of Uthaug is clean, but never go to a grain of madness. The first hour rather pleasant, thus leaves room for an ersatz Indiana Jones much less successful, and despite the presence of an engaging cast (Dominic West or Walton Goggins, excellent in The 8 bastards ). We would have liked the film to separate a little from its gaming mythology to not just look like a long cinematic scene.

At no time do we feel concerned by the stakes of the story for latest movies free download, which the less attentive may even forget in court. It will again be a time to find an ancestral mummy with a lot of amulets and sliding doors.


Uthaug tries to breathe an ounce of depth into the set by weaving a difficult relationship between a father and his daughter, but these scenes fall into such a mishmash that they weaken Vikander’s energetic performance in sockshare cinema movies. The studios have found the good muse, it is hoped that the sequel (announced in the film) will reward a scenario.


Adapt Tomb Raider to the cinema is more complicated than it looks. The choice of Alicia Vikander however takes all its meaning here. The young woman fits perfectly in the new image conveyed by the game, but unfortunately represents the only interest of the film. Despite some well-paced scenes, the lack of story stakes prevents us from attaching ourselves to the protagonists, and tarnishes the entire film. A heroine is good. A story is even better.

Monster Movies: The Saga of Their Evolution from “King Kong” to “The Shape of Water”

Whether they display tentacles, claws or various appendages, monsters are a recurring figure of cinema. Present since the beginning of this art, they also stir emotions and dreams. Many influences have nourished the evolution of this particular cinematographic genre.

Once-on-the-paper creatures begin their film career with The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy by the famous Willis O’Brien in 1915. There is nothing better to hd movie download than the very figure of the antediluvian monster the dinosaur. Even though the venerable Gertie is the first representative of the species to have been animated (with drawings) in 1914 by Little Nemo’s creator , Winsor McCay , O’Brien’s film remains one of the oldest experiments of his kind. the stop motion technique.


King Kong and Dracula

The host continues his exploration in The Ghost of Slumber Mountain in 1918, a test run for what Harry Hoyt will be The Lost World in 1925. This dive into a closed universe, populated by dinosaurs and simian creatures, is an important date in the history of the monster film as it prefigures the King Kong of 1933. The fascination of the time for paleontological research brings in a natural way the imagination to exploit such subjects.


However, we must not forget the influence of literature with the Dracula of Stoker published in 1897 or the Frankenstein of Mary Shelley in 1821. Two outstanding works, already well established in the collective unconscious at the time who have also participated in the birth of monster movies. The Manoir du Diable Méliès in 1896 is considered the first vampire movie. But the demon he shows, Mephistopheles, does not, strictly speaking, have a “monstrous” character.

The Frankenstein of J. Searle Dawley in 1910, on the other hand fully fits in this genre. This potting mix of animated creatures and disguised fellows makes the codes of the monster film for many decades.

King of Kong

An essential stage of the cinema, King Kong is nevertheless a relatively average budget production of the RKO (American production company). Created by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, the film comes at the time in line with many productions depicting explorers diving into a fierce jungle.

Led by Cooper’s passion for monkeys, King Kong naturally tells the story of the birth of humanity in the heart of this giant wild animal. Once again, the talented O’Brien takes care of the “trick” aspect. With the simple beauty of his subject and his incredible visual rendering, the film is a huge success. It marks the pop-culture and the image of the monkey perched on the Empire State Building becomes an icon.

Chain production B series

An ideal launching pad for a whole section of genre cinema, which the RKO will quickly make profitable by producing a large number of Latest movie B-series films. Of course, the impact on the general public is not equivalent to that of the first historical blockbusters that will be The Teeth of the Sea or Star Wars , but King Kong reassures about the potential of monsters on the big screen.

Big names in cinema will then have the opportunity to work for this company, like Tourneur with his masterpiece La Féline (1942) or The Body Snatcher (1945) by Robert Wise, who has the privilege of welcoming a duo of key actors of the movie of monsters, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Note that it has nothing to do with Siegel’s feature film Invasion of the Body Snatchers , taken from another novel.

The Second World War will then create a parenthesis in production, with a retreat to the propaganda film at the international level. But a recovery comes at the very