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Monster Movies: The Saga of Their Evolution from “King Kong” to “The Shape of Water”

Whether they display tentacles, claws or various appendages, monsters are a recurring figure of cinema. Present since the beginning of this art, they also stir emotions and dreams. Many influences have nourished the evolution of this particular cinematographic genre.

Once-on-the-paper creatures begin their film career with The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy by the famous Willis O’Brien in 1915. There is nothing better to hd movie download than the very figure of the antediluvian monster the dinosaur. Even though the venerable Gertie is the first representative of the species to have been animated (with drawings) in 1914 by Little Nemo’s creator , Winsor McCay , O’Brien’s film remains one of the oldest experiments of his kind. the stop motion technique.


King Kong and Dracula

The host continues his exploration in The Ghost of Slumber Mountain in 1918, a test run for what Harry Hoyt will be The Lost World in 1925. This dive into a closed universe, populated by dinosaurs and simian creatures, is an important date in the history of the monster film as it prefigures the King Kong of 1933. The fascination of the time for paleontological research brings in a natural way the imagination to exploit such subjects.


However, we must not forget the influence of literature with the Dracula of Stoker published in 1897 or the Frankenstein of Mary Shelley in 1821. Two outstanding works, already well established in the collective unconscious at the time who have also participated in the birth of monster movies. The Manoir du Diable Méliès in 1896 is considered the first vampire movie. But the demon he shows, Mephistopheles, does not, strictly speaking, have a “monstrous” character.

The Frankenstein of J. Searle Dawley in 1910, on the other hand fully fits in this genre. This potting mix of animated creatures and disguised fellows makes the codes of the monster film for many decades.

King of Kong

An essential stage of the cinema, King Kong is nevertheless a relatively average budget production of the RKO (American production company). Created by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, the film comes at the time in line with many productions depicting explorers diving into a fierce jungle.

Led by Cooper’s passion for monkeys, King Kong naturally tells the story of the birth of humanity in the heart of this giant wild animal. Once again, the talented O’Brien takes care of the “trick” aspect. With the simple beauty of his subject and his incredible visual rendering, the film is a huge success. It marks the pop-culture and the image of the monkey perched on the Empire State Building becomes an icon.

Chain production B series

An ideal launching pad for a whole section of genre cinema, which the RKO will quickly make profitable by producing a large number of Latest movie B-series films. Of course, the impact on the general public is not equivalent to that of the first historical blockbusters that will be The Teeth of the Sea or Star Wars , but King Kong reassures about the potential of monsters on the big screen.

Big names in cinema will then have the opportunity to work for this company, like Tourneur with his masterpiece La Féline (1942) or The Body Snatcher (1945) by Robert Wise, who has the privilege of welcoming a duo of key actors of the movie of monsters, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Note that it has nothing to do with Siegel’s feature film Invasion of the Body Snatchers , taken from another novel.

The Second World War will then create a parenthesis in production, with a retreat to the propaganda film at the international level. But a recovery comes at the very

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Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman star in a fantastic adventure in which their director, Chris Weitz, is based on the first novel in the Phillip Pullman trilogy, Dark Matter.

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The story takes place in a parallel world in which the souls of the people are manifested as small animals and to which comes Lyra, a 12 year old girl who is looking for her best friend. However, your little adventure will become an extraordinary quest to save your world and ours. Get full story on Movie Counter site.


The Inner Life of Martin Frost

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Writer Paul Auster directs a film that premiered during the last edition of the San Sebastian festival and stars David Thewlis, Irène Jacob, his daughter, Sophie and Michael Imperioli. Auster raises the relation between a scarce writer of inspiration who, during his stay in the field, far from the world, meets an enigmatic and effervescent admirer of his work that soon will become his lover and muse.



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Hundreds of real images are mixed with fictional scenes to make credible the assassination of George W. Bush in this fake documentary by Gabriel Range in which he denounces the still bleeding wounds of the Iraq war. Range makes the event plausible and goes on to the most typical plot of the detective genre in which, as he scans the FBI’s investigation with supposed actual testimony, it shows the treatment and accusations of potential culprits.



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Director Bruce A. Evans turns Kevin Costner into a businessman, generous philanthropist, father and devoted husband, in a mystery tape in which the most famous bodyguard in Hollywood history is accompanied by William Hurtand Demi Moore. Although Mr. Brooks has all the ingredients to be a perfect man, he hides a dark secret: he is a serial killer, so sinister and intelligent that he has never raised a single suspicion, although what until now had been a game for him can start to turn into a nightmare. Get more Latest movies online for free in HD print.



Scarlett Johansson gets into the skin of a first-time nanny in this romantic-tinged comedy where she shares a chart with Alicia Keys, Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti and Chris Evans, directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman. To pay for college, Annie begins working as a nanny for a well-to-do family who will find it hard to get used to and where, between flirting and flirting with a wealthy neighbor, she will take care of a spoiled child whom she will teach that money is not the important thing.



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The French cinema’s César surrendered to the adaptation of director Pascale Ferrán of The Lady Chatterley’s lover, a classic of literature that won the best film award, as well as the awards for best actress for Marina Hands; Best adapted script; Costumes and photography. When her husband returns from the front with an irreversible paralysis, the young Constance Reid falls into a state of sadness and desidia that will surpass next to the zone ranger, with whom it will initiate a close relation.

The Top Famous Horror films about possessions

If a few years ago the zombies were the protagonists of the summer horror films, it seems to be, with a simple glance at the billboard, that possessions and haunted houses with vengeful visitors have taken their place. In both cases, the origin of the threat is similar: on the one hand, the dead man who returns to take justice by his hand; And on the other, ex-humans eager to devour brains.

At a time when horror cinema seems to have exhausted many of its formulas to scare the viewer, the industry has found in the label “based on real facts ” a useful external justification to whisper to the one who is sitting in the chair “tremble , This could happen to you. ” Even Exorcist (The Exorcist, William Fried kin, 1973) was based quite generally on an exorcism held in Maryland in the late forties.

As may be expected, on many occasions, the interpretation of these “real facts” is quite free, if not directly invented then visit download free full movie. In others, it takes advantage of the ambiguity surrounding some unresolved criminal cases as ideal material for fiction. But how do some of the most famous films reflect reality?

The Conjuring, the Warren Files, James Wan, 2012download free full movie

One of the great successes of summer – both public and critical – has as catalysts two of the most controversial figures in the American paranormal world, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who dedicated their lives to “demonology”, opened the Occult Museum and Founded the New England Society for Psychical Research. They claimed to have performed more than 10,000 exorcisms throughout his career (this is one of them), and his career has been a common subject of controversy. Nevertheless, the Perron, true protagonists of the history, defend that everything happened is certain and have participated of active way in the promotion of the film. Of the Warren also arises the material that gave form to another horror film,

Devil inside (William Brent Bell, 2012)

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The film tells the story of Isabel Torelli, who investigates the reasons that led her mother to murder three people in 1989, so she was admitted to a psychiatric facility and apparently linked to a failed exorcism. Indeed, the deaths took place, but perhaps the satanic subplot is a bit introduced by the hair. According to information published in the newspapers of the time, Maria Rossi murdered her 70-year-old neighbor Edna Philips with her friend Christina Molloy, when both were 17 years old. Maybe it was the brutality of the murder. “They shifted the old woman and bounced eggs on the corpse.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scott Derrick son, 2005

full movie downloadsThe film starring Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson tells the controversial story of Anneliese Michel, a young woman who died in 1976 after being subjected to 67 rites of exorcism. According to the film, the German case was battered by controversy because, after her death, a jury ruled that both Anna’s parents and two of the priests who participated in the exorcism process of the young woman were guilty of homicide by negligence. Forensics said the girl’s problems were medical and could have been solved by science. The film, quite true to the facts, did not like the surviving members of the family. Get full Story only on the Latest movies.

The Exorcist, William Fried kin, 1973


The canonical work of the genre was also inspired by a real event. In this case, the exorcism of a 13-year-old boy named Roland Doe (a nickname hiding his real name) who, according to the Church archives that relate his exorcism, made strange noises, could move the furniture at his own will And that after 30 attempts at exorcism was finally healed by the Rev. Edward Hughes at Georgetown University Hospital. This story was one of the main sources of inspiration for William Peter Blatty’s novel that would later jump to the big screen. The truth is that the young Doe did much better than Linda Blair, The girl who played Reagan, who went through a drug ordeal before triumphing in horseback riding. Unlike other films on this list, Fried kin never boasted of relying on real facts.

The Possession, Ole Bornedal, 2012

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On this occasion, the terror comes from a wooden box innocently bought in a market, from which arises an evil spirit from the Hebrew culture. The object was located for the first time in an eBay bid in which the box ended up costing more than 300 dollars. It belonged to Kevin Mannis , who claimed to have acquired it from a 103-year-old Holocaust survivor, and disengaged himself from it since after his purchase began to happen strange events. For this reason, he sold it on the Internet to Losif Nietzke, who also began to have problems: he broke his fingers, suffered a plague of rats and was a victim of incipient alopecia. Now, the box is located at the Kirksville Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

The Haunting in Connecticut, Peter Conwell, 2009

free movie downloadsThe clearest case demonstrates the wide barrier that separates reality from fiction (and the wishes of film producers). The film is based on a novel called In a Dark Place: the Story of True Haunting (Villard), written by Ray Garton, which narrated the history of the Snedeker family. The author would not hesitate to acknowledge that his story was pure fiction and that he had in fact intended to promote it as such, but that his publisher had insisted on presenting it as a true story. In fact, Ed and Lorraine Warren also participated in this investigation and, in the words of Garton himself, encouraged him to give a little color to the matter and make it more terrifying.

Download The Better Angels 2014 Full Movie

Betterangels2014AJ Edwards addresses a little-known chapter in the history of Abraham Lincoln, his childhood in a wooded area of Indiana, in a cabin in which the future president would grow under the protection of two women who shape his character. His biological mother, who died of disease, and the second wife of his father. The idea is to build a trilogy about the early youth of Lincoln, but counted from a particular perspective malickiana. Edwards is a director of pupil The Tree of Life . This is demonstrated in the composition of planes, camera shots, staging and even how to slide the camera through the spaces. It is a style that is visually appealing, and Malick has managed to make it yours. The main problem is evident. The similarities are too alarming so, to a point where one can come to doubt the true authorship of the tape. In the middle of the deep woods of Indiana survived the Lincoln family in a simple log cabin. The seven-year-old Abraham grows up in poverty, hard work counts in his younger years already part of everyday life. When he was nine years old, his mother died. Some time elapsed before his father, a widow married with three children, all of which feed into the hut. Download The Better Angels 2014 Full Movie for free without any cost. Latest Hollywood movies download from direct downloading links.


From then on, life is marked by yet more consideration needs to be worked on daily life even more. Abraham suffers greatly from the loss of his mother and withdraws increasingly. He taught himself to read and write in and finds unexpected support in his stepmother. She tries to give his enormous thirst for knowledge space and to give him the necessary space. She opposes the educational methods of her husband and her stepchild preferably before their biological children. The 16th President of the United States of America is the focus of The Better Angels . For once it’s not about the adult statesman, but a previously unknown insight into his childhood. In his directorial debut dealt AJ Edwards, who previously worked as an editor for Terrence Malick, exclusively with the period from the seventh to tenth years Lincolns. The film is not set up as a typical biopic, but rather a held in black and white almost poetic narrative. It is hardly spoken, but the film lives through his paintings. The nature and the tranquility of the forest stands in the foreground, the lives of people in this pristine area is shown without much explanation.


Download Wild 2014 Movie Free

WildJean-Marc Vallée came to Toronto, as it did last year with Dallas Buyers Club, supported by the first great comments after the progress of her new job. Reese Witherspoon in the role of a strong physical, gritty requirement, devoid of makeup and nude, soon generated comments about the nomination pretty sure the actress for the role. Indeed, Wild is intended for showcasing. The demanding emotional journey of an ex-addict who seeks to make peace with his memories: those of an emotionally unstable mother, his loss and his subsequent fall into drugs as a way to escape herself. In a structure reminiscent of Danny Boyle used for 128 hours, Vallée, through a dash of Nick Hornby overestimated something, review the experiences of Cheryl Strayed, while taking note of their sacrifices and strength in the long walk 1000 miles that the girl made in 1995 through the Pacific Mountain trail, a route around the mountains of the west coast. Download Wild 2014 Movie Free without fill any sign-up form. Download recent movies for free with high quality prints.

A true story based on the book written by Cheryl Strayed own based on their own experiences. Like all motivational story, the tape does not lack great reflections with voice off , music with guitar riffs and a felt excited and interpretation, as it must in such cases. Witherspoon, much like the anti heroine that draws the film addresses a mature and far from the last notes of his character’s filmography. Notes superficiality and brimming with Wild, come to an apparent end looking McConaughey rotation. A radical change in critical elections and regain some prestige in his career. With Wild has secured since Vallée has given him perfect for this character. On the other hand, we keep the review criteria of good musical director, who already Floré Coffee provided an exquisite soundtrack and level here, even without much presence, maintained with a couple of outstanding issues, especially the lovely theme end credits of Simon & Garfunkel, El Condor Pasa. The problem of Wild is that it is so studied to thrill you to no avail. No looking affectation, fortunately, but the spontaneity is not part of the formula and it shows. We could say the same for The Theory of Everything.


Download Inherent Vice 2014 Movie

Inherent viceLos Angeles 1969, All of a sudden appeared the former girlfriend of private eye Larry Doc Sportello from scratch again with him. She has prepared a strange story and asks his help: Your new lover is a billionaire, in which she is head over heels, and his wife and her lover plan to kidnap the man and put in a loony bin. On this particular day of paranoia end of the psychedelic 60s Doc recognizes that “love” another one of those overused words like trip or groovy is but this usually means more trouble. And in which the investigators infected now, while crossing various shapes his way. Surfer, drug addicts and rockers, also a murderous greedy loan shark, LAPD detective, a saxophone player who plays undercover and mysterious creature known as The Golden Fang which could also be just a tax dodge some dentists. Taking into account that it is then also abundantly watered by an extensive irony, with a hint of absurdity. In short, to be sipped and savored slowly. Download Inherent Vice 2014 Movie for free from direct downloading links. Download latest Hollywood movies for free.


And everything about the character, that is, a private detective. No denying it, when you come across such a character, often have been encountered in the classic cliche of the policeman in an identity crisis, maybe divorced and maybe with alcohol problems behind. Not that this will not have any problems, in fact, it would seem quite limestone hand, but the difference is in his show, as it were, more normal at first glance would not seem so much a super cop and ready to annihilate ravenous horde of enemies. There is a whole dimension very attractive and nice, from the protagonist that is likely to seem at times even clumsy Fantozzi, although of course then demonstrates its effectiveness with a gun in his hand. Frankly, the first images that flow in this trailer. I think that much of the enthusiasm partitomi is due to an interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix nothing short of superb, but also the rest of the cast is not jokes at all Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, then Martin Short and Jena Malone.

Download Nightcrawler 2014 Movie

NightCrawlerDan Gilroy has already become a favorite of Toronto. Nightcrawler is an acid portrait, black as night, disturbing and quite critical about the underworld of American television. Specifically, about photojournalism that makes sales of images and then extracts chain managers decide to issue in their programs. Graphic material in which a woman stabbed a foot of the camera or a criminal is shot dead, both da bleeds. For Gilroy, neither the directors out unscathed, because ultimately they are the buyers, and to embody the ruthless amorality of the world has had an amazing success casting and few would have predicted. View Rene Russo embody the archetype of executive hungry for success, gives the trick. Especially when you’re looking ahead is a Jake Gyllenhaal straight out of a mental institution. So much comes unscrupulousness of these cameras, they are ready to cause crimes just to have images. Download Nightcrawler 2014 Movie free without pay any charges. Download new release movies free from direct downloading links.

The boundary of the story is questioned, but ethics obvious, since it has no place in a news program. The entire film takes place at night, and that gives a street environment. Gilroy has not only discovered as a director of a firm hand, owner of highly dynamic sequences, but as a builder of very interesting characters. Lou Bloom has springs of a serial murderer in power, lacking in empathy and emotion, always alert and labia too perverse. He’s part of the fun of Nightcrawler, his humor without laughter, or the power of persuasion, is a gift to the actor, and has known how to use it. In summary, it has been one of the best bets of the day, betting TIFF has hit Gilroy. The writer raised doubts despite the good feeling of the trailers but there remains no trace; its debut is solid as few have seen lately in Hollywood. Through an environment noir slightly reminiscent to the Drive for Winding Refn in their violence, their cars, their neon lights, music or brutality, Nightcrawler has secured letters to become certainly one of the favorites of the public and a server.

Download Camp X Ray 2014 Movie

CampxrayThe young Amy Cole wants to escape the small town life and writes ado one in the military. After her training, she hopes to serve their service in Iraq, but is sent to Cuba in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. The imprisoned there men who are deprived of their human rights, sometimes living for eight years at this location. Cole increasingly plaguing moral remorse because of the unjust treatment and torture of inmates. As a result, she befriends the prisoner Ali Amir that for which they developed empathy and compassion. As best they can, Cole tries to do their duty for their country, but also the advances of her boss Corporal Randy and the clear hatred of some of their comrades must defend himself. Kristen Stewart, the young actress known to the general public for the blockbuster Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman, has turned into a soldier. A dramatic film with a political background who wants to denounce the unacceptable behavior of some members of the American army in prison Guantanomo Bay between torture and repression. Download Camp X Ray 2014 Movie for free without any cost. Download recent movies online with high quality prints.


The Stewart as here the role of an ordinary girl who, bored by life in the deep province of the States, he decided to enlist. A gesture risky, especially in relation to the fact that the naive girl is sent just in one of the most controversial and notorious in recent years. There, the girl will eventually forge a bond strong and dangerous with a prisoner locked up for 8 years. Director of Camp X-Ray are Peter Sattler, known graphic designer and screenwriter here to debut behind the camera. Produced by Gina Kwon and Sophia Lin with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, David Gordon Green and Lindsay Williams, the film starring male Peyman Moaadi, the Iranian actor that the world has learned about thanks to the masterpiece A Separation , a film that has won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film two years ago. Ali will play the dangerous prisoner with whom he will relate the character of Stewart.

Download Force Majeure 2014 Movie

ForceMajeurForce Majeure describe the decomposed relish using a small incident a normal Swedish family. But first things first. Tomas and Ebba are a normal married couple from Sweden. Together with their two children, Vera and Harry have a short holiday to a French winter sports indulged in a much needed quality time for the family, as Tomas spends way too much time at work and even on vacation again and again, its connection to the outside world. That would perhaps be no problem and is determined in many families, but then happens on the second day of the holiday something unexpected that brings the dilemma in a nutshell. When the family settles down for lunch on the terrace of a ski lodge, is near an avalanche controls placed on care a spectacle that turns within a few seconds in a seemingly dangerous situation, because the avalanche becomes larger and larger and hurtling straight toward the terrace of the restaurant and there the initial fascination turned to the natural spectacle in naked panic. Tomas reacts instinctively in those seconds. Download Force Majeure 2014 Movie for free without any cost. Download new release movies free with high quality prints.

Instead of worrying about his wife and children, he grabs his cell phone and leaves his family for a brief moment in the lurch. Although the avalanche comes in front of the terrace to a standstill, but the near-disaster Elba’s confidence in her husband deeply shaken – they just can not forget that he has just left her and the children in the face of death in the lurch. Again and again she must speak of those seconds. This constant confrontation with his guilt, which he loaded in a single unguarded moment to be set in Tomas mechanics in a way, the devastating effect on the family. How people behave in extreme situations? And how does this instinctive behavior especially if it was not within the meaning of morally correct wrong to them and their fellow human beings? From this very simple, but at the same time deeply philosophical question out of the Swedish director Ruben Östlund developed a fascinating study of family structures and the behavior in extreme situations.

Download Big Hero 6 2014 Movie

big hero 6After a successful collaboration with the release of the Marvel superhero movies that live-action. The Avengers and Captain America, this time Disney has been trying to bring something different through the superhero movie Big Hero 6 animated format. Big Hero 6 is a movie with a genre superhero movie that was adapted from the work of well-known comics from Marvel. This film will be directed by Don Hall who worked on Winnie the Pooh and collaboration with Chris William. With a story that takes place in the city in the future ie canggig San Fransokyo. Told there was an intelligent teenager and can make the robot by the name of Hiro Hamada. Download Big Hero 6 2014 Movie for free without any membership account. Download New Hollywood movies for free.

Who has just made a new best robotic creations with names Baymax. But it turns out that fat robot created not in accordance with the result of his imagination. However, Hiro does not think that the physical behind a unique robot, the robot will be helped and help keep the city from the enemy. For now the first teaser trailer has just been released officially by the Disney. With humor when it first showed Hiro designing robots funny it, Baymax. This film will be filled with the sounds of TJ Miller, Maya Rudolph, and Jamie Chung. You can see the latest animated masterpiece from the film processing Wreck it Ralph, and the best-selling animated movie in the history of the movie Frozen is from the beginning of November 2014. This film will be a unique movie that not only show the uniqueness of the robot. Big Hero 6 movie will also feature Hiro persistence in creating this cute robot. Although initially did not like the design, but he will find a sincere relationship with this creation. The story of his life will be changed with the creation of this robot.