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WildJean-Marc Vallée came to Toronto, as it did last year with Dallas Buyers Club, supported by the first great comments after the progress of her new job. Reese Witherspoon in the role of a strong physical, gritty requirement, devoid of makeup and nude, soon generated comments about the nomination pretty sure the actress for the role. Indeed, Wild is intended for showcasing. The demanding emotional journey of an ex-addict who seeks to make peace with his memories: those of an emotionally unstable mother, his loss and his subsequent fall into drugs as a way to escape herself. In a structure reminiscent of Danny Boyle used for 128 hours, Vallée, through a dash of Nick Hornby overestimated something, review the experiences of Cheryl Strayed, while taking note of their sacrifices and strength in the long walk 1000 miles that the girl made in 1995 through the Pacific Mountain trail, a route around the mountains of the west coast. Download Wild 2014 Movie Free without fill any sign-up form. Download recent movies for free with high quality prints.

A true story based on the book written by Cheryl Strayed own based on their own experiences. Like all motivational story, the tape does not lack great reflections with voice off , music with guitar riffs and a felt excited and interpretation, as it must in such cases. Witherspoon, much like the anti heroine that draws the film addresses a mature and far from the last notes of his character’s filmography. Notes superficiality and brimming with Wild, come to an apparent end looking McConaughey rotation. A radical change in critical elections and regain some prestige in his career. With Wild has secured since Vallée has given him perfect for this character. On the other hand, we keep the review criteria of good musical director, who already Floré Coffee provided an exquisite soundtrack and level here, even without much presence, maintained with a couple of outstanding issues, especially the lovely theme end credits of Simon & Garfunkel, El Condor Pasa. The problem of Wild is that it is so studied to thrill you to no avail. No looking affectation, fortunately, but the spontaneity is not part of the formula and it shows. We could say the same for The Theory of Everything.