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Midnight Traveler 2019 Flixtor Movie Reviews

The Midnight Traveler is a Documentary movie directed by Afghan director Hassan Fazili. In this documentary an Afghan couple of filmmakers with their daughters records their endless journey fleeing the Taliban. Sleeping outdoors, crossing borders, crossing forests and living in refugee camps try to get a legal situation. We live a deep dedication by the whole family that, without ever losing hope, immerses us in the hardness of the journey, in the harshness of survival. Watch flixtor full movies online streaming in 720p cinema quality.


In 2015, Afghan director Hassan Fazili and his wife Fatima Hussaini received death threats from the Taliban. Together with their two daughters, Nargis and Zahra, they were forced to flee their homeland to Europe to protect themselves from a possible attack. Fazili decided to flee with his wife, the filmmaker Fatima Hussaini, and his two daughters, Nargis and Zahra. The family, who rejected refugee status, took the famous Balkan route to reach Europe.
As filmmakers, they decided to document their trip, which lasted several years, with long periods in refugee camps in Bulgaria and Serbia. It is a personal documentary, recorded with three smartphones, which chronicles the long and crude journey undertaken by a couple of filmmakers escaping the Taliban.

The trip, which would last several years, was videotaped by the family, something that would help them overcome the most difficult moments they lived in the different refugee camps where they had to stay during some stages of their journey. Despite the problems, the parents never lost their sense of humanity. The result of their suffering is reflected in a documentary that serves as a reflection not only of terrorism, but also of family ties that bind families that have been forced to leave their homes in fear and Horror.


Midnight Traveler’s most shocking scene This is the moment when one of the daughters sings and dances the song “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson in a refugee camp. It shows the power of music and recognition to generate a reaction among the public, but it also demonstrates our desensitization to the images of refugees crossing borders. Another strong point of the afdah movie is its way of showing that middle-class liberals who make movies can also lose everything in an instant. Even when they are forced to sleep in a half-built building in Serbia in winter, the director juxtaposes the danger of snow with the beauty of watching the flakes fall. The film director still consider himself an artist, although all the people he meets along the way consider him a refugee.

This Documentary is about various refugees’ families, about the hardship and the inhumanity faced by Hassan Fazili and his family, about their bravery, about their hope, about the desire of the refugees to be safe and in control of their lives and bodies and destinies and fates. This is the best refugee documentary film I ever seen in my life.

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