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Download The Maze Runner 2014 Movie

mazerunnerThe Maze Runner tells the story of a 16-year-old teenager named Thomas. No one remembered since he first appeared and trapped in a place called the Glade, except its name. However, this does not only happen on Thomas. But also on the whole teen there,who are all male. Which has appeared earlier than him. He and about five dozens of other teenagers trapped in a giant maze. There is something different about Thomas than the other Gladers. A day after appearing in Glade, Thomas immediately convinced that he wanted to be a Runner. But just to combine pieces of his past memories and some instructions on labirinlah. Which can reveal the destination and find a way to get out of there. Every day they have to run. Down the hallway Maze winding outside wall Glade, where they lived, until dusk. And, when darkness fell, the runner must already exist in the Glade. Yes, that’s when Griever savage and ferocious monsters, do not hesitate to pounce on anyone who is still hanging around in the maze. they not just run. That’s how they survive, with the run they hope to find a way out of that godforsaken place. Download The Maze Runner 2014 Movie for free without any membership. Download new release movies freewithout fill any form.

Came out to meet their families back home. However, the trajectory Maze always changing from day to day. It seemed impossible to get out of that place. One day their protective stone door no longer closes down. Griever-butting griever it could go at any time. Every day, the children were taken away and disappeared. The only way is rushed out of the place. However, they should pass through the confusing maze with a number of horrible monsters there. The Maze Runner lifted from a novel series of the same title which is the first of a trilogy written by James Dashner. Thomas a teenager filled with many questions, fears and loses his memory when he was sent in a box and forced to survive in the Glade with other boys. As a greenhorn he can do is obey the leader and do some experiments with existing supervisory Glade to find a job which suits her but his feelings saying that he wants to become a runner. Runners who ran every day in the Maze to create maps and solve puzzles as a ticket to get out of the Glade. One time something happens creators send a girl in the Glade and everything changes just like the girl who said Everything will change.