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Betterangels2014AJ Edwards addresses a little-known chapter in the history of Abraham Lincoln, his childhood in a wooded area of Indiana, in a cabin in which the future president would grow under the protection of two women who shape his character. His biological mother, who died of disease, and the second wife of his father. The idea is to build a trilogy about the early youth of Lincoln, but counted from a particular perspective malickiana. Edwards is a director of pupil The Tree of Life . This is demonstrated in the composition of planes, camera shots, staging and even how to slide the camera through the spaces. It is a style that is visually appealing, and Malick has managed to make it yours. The main problem is evident. The similarities are too alarming so, to a point where one can come to doubt the true authorship of the tape. In the middle of the deep woods of Indiana survived the Lincoln family in a simple log cabin. The seven-year-old Abraham grows up in poverty, hard work counts in his younger years already part of everyday life. When he was nine years old, his mother died. Some time elapsed before his father, a widow married with three children, all of which feed into the hut. Download The Better Angels 2014 Full Movie for free without any cost. Latest Hollywood movies download from direct downloading links.


From then on, life is marked by yet more consideration needs to be worked on daily life even more. Abraham suffers greatly from the loss of his mother and withdraws increasingly. He taught himself to read and write in and finds unexpected support in his stepmother. She tries to give his enormous thirst for knowledge space and to give him the necessary space. She opposes the educational methods of her husband and her stepchild preferably before their biological children. The 16th President of the United States of America is the focus of The Better Angels . For once it’s not about the adult statesman, but a previously unknown insight into his childhood. In his directorial debut dealt AJ Edwards, who previously worked as an editor for Terrence Malick, exclusively with the period from the seventh to tenth years Lincolns. The film is not set up as a typical biopic, but rather a held in black and white almost poetic narrative. It is hardly spoken, but the film lives through his paintings. The nature and the tranquility of the forest stands in the foreground, the lives of people in this pristine area is shown without much explanation.