Download Catch Hell 2014 Full Movie

catchhellDirectorRyan Phillippe

Writers: Joe Gossett and Ryan Phillippe

IMDB Rating: 5.1/10

Stars: Ryan PhillippeTig Notaro and Joyful Drake

Plot: Ryan Phillipe is kidnapped and finds himself in a cabin in the swamp somewhere in Louisiana again. But since the real horror has only just begun. Directorial debut Catch Hell by Ryan Phillippe is a torture thriller. A washed-up movie star is during the shooting of his current project in Shrevenport, a town in Louisiana, kidnapped. His kidnappers holding him prisoner in the midst of the swamps in a small hut. They torture him brutally and blackmail him. For this purpose, they also seize his Twitter account and send cruel messages on his behalf in the world.

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