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Maleficent 201While in the UK the people are not always at peace, is in enchanted forest and moorland, watches over the good hearten Maleficent at a young age, everything is fine. When the one day little Stefan enters the idyllic world, is the fairy a loyal friend, in which they themselves have fallen in love with time. However, since the human boy wants to go to the throne, he goes to the court of the king and leaves Maleficent. Years later the Monarch pulls against the enchanted forest and the grown-up Fee on the field, has to admit defeat their magical powers, however. Embittered by his defeat, he promises that of the crown, which can defeat the mighty Moorland ruler. Download Maleficent 2014 Movie for free without any membership. Download new movies free with high quality prints. This sees Stefan came the great opportunity to which he has been waiting for so long. He immediately wants to be close to its former girlfriend, steals their magical wings and can be in the human kingdom celebrate as their conqueror. His reward is the accession to the throne. Maleficent loses again after Stefan’s betrayal of the faith in the goodness and is Aurora, the daughter of the new king, with a cruel curse: On his 16th birthday, the girl is hurt on a spindle and fall into a deep sleep.

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