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strIn its new mission, the crew of the star ship Enterprise is sent to a primitive planet that is about to be destroyed by the eruption of a volcano. Spock will stop inside the volcano, which should make a device that will freeze the incandescent lava. However, unexpected problems cause him to get stuck inside the volcano, with no way out. To save him, James T. Kirk orders the Enterprise to leave his hiding place under the sea, so the nature is seen by primitive beings that inhabit the planet. Download Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Movie for free with high quality prints. Download new release movies free without register. This is a serious breach of Star fleet, which makes Kirk lose command of the ship to Captain Pike. The situation changes completely when John Harrison, a renegade Star fleet, coordinates a terrorist attack targeting the general Star fleet Command. Not long before Kirk is reappointed to the position of captain of the Enterprise and sent to capture Harrison on a planetoid called Chronos within the Klingon Empire, which is on the verge of a war with the Federation.

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