Angel Has Fallen 2019

Title: Angel Has Fallen 2019
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Writers: Robert Mark Kamen, Matt Cook
Stars: Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, Danny Huston

Angel Has Fallen 2019
Mike Banning has been a secret service agent for many years. He loves work and is a professional in his field. The hero of the film “Fall of the Angel” more than once fell into alterations that carried a serious threat to life. His job was to protect people from terrorists who adore wreaking havoc and destruction. He was often threatened by the same terrorists, but Mike was not used to giving up just like that, as he was guarding people in high positions. Honest, courageous and responsible Banning laughed at the dangers in the face, for which the criminals hated him and wanted to get him out of his way. But one fine day, the president, who was guarded by Banning, decided to go to a deserted lake to go fishing. In the midst of fishing, an entire army of drones begins to shoot at the president. Mike arrived in time to close the head of state from bullets flying from the sky. However, he himself was seriously injured. From a large loss of blood, the hero loses consciousness, and comes to his senses already in a hospital bed. He learns that he is accused of attempting the life of the president. A huge amount of evidence was found confirming that Mike was guilty. However, Mike is sure that he was framed. There is only one thing left – to find evidence.

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