The Green Sea 2021

Title: The Green Sea 2021
Director: Randal Plunkett
Writers: Randal Plunkett
Stars: Katharine Isabelle, Hazel Doupe, Dermot Ward
Project Power 2020 The Green Sea 2021 is director by Randal Plunkett. It is a drama mystery American movie starring Katharine Isabelle. Katharine Isabelle plays the role of Simone, who is an American writer. She is living a solitary life in the Irish countryside. Simone is haunted by the visions of her past. That begins to entwine with the fantasy world of the novel she is writing. This vision blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Simone’s life starts changing when the protagonist of her book, known only as “Kid”. The role play by up-and-coming Irish actress Hazel Doupe. She appears to her as a victim of a drunk driving incident that forces the pair together. It starts the beginning of an unlikely relationship. Eventually, it set out a chain of events that will force Simone to face her sinister past. Get Popular Hollywood full latest movies on myflixer website without any cost.

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